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So, what’s so different about Belgian Fries?

That’s a question that Clemens Boer of Euro Snacks is more than happy to answer. 

“We take pride in making our potato fries from scratch.  We make the tastiest fries in New Zealand.  Thick - Crusty Outside, Soft Inside and full of taste, following a traditional Belgian recipe using fresh cut potatoes fried in cholesterol-free soybean oil.”

Clemens and his kiwi partner Laurel are so enthusiastic about their fries, they designed and built their own trailer “Euro Snacks”, just to promote their concept (since 2013)   

Selling a range of European-style snacks, including dishes such as Dutch Pancakes, German Frankfurter and Bratwurst, Snitzel Burgers and their very populair Tofu Burger. The distinctive silver and orange Euro Snacks Food Trailer has become a well-known attraction around Auckland.

And the feedback?  “Yummmmm! Craving these fries right now and its 11 @ night lol.”

Try the tofu burger, it's delicious! Cooked in soya bean oil, a vegetarian delight with peanut satay sauce and sweet and sour slaw.

Belgian Fries are not Clem’s only passion.  He’s a chocoholic from way back.  So it wasn’t long before Barcelona Hot Chocolate found its way onto the Euro Snacks Menu.  Described as “Smooth, rich and decadent, with a hint of orange”, it’s Clem’s alternative to a coffee fix.  His catch-phrase “Drink this and you’ll say Olé!” is often followed by a slowly spreading smile and “Wow, it’s like drinking liquid chocolate!” 
Image below is a double shot.

Barcelona Hot Chocolate


2018 (corporate function)
Hi Clem and team, Thank you very much for the delicious food – we’ve had great feedback from colleagues and families. Hope to see you again next year! Best, Tine W. Jensen

2018 (corporate function)
Thanks Clem, Morgan and team for looking after us and our guests so well at our Wiri scaffolding yard open day!
Astrid Fisher | Marketing Manager, SafeSmart Access Scaffolding

2017 (wedding reception)
I hope you are well! Tim and I have been reminiscing about our wedding recently, and still talk about how amazing it was having you guys at our eco-wedding, thanks again!
Kate Hall

Dear Clem and Laurel,
I want to thank you so much for helping make our 40th wedding anniversary and my husband's 70th birthday so memorable.  Your food was fresh, tasty and everyone commented on how much they loved the food and the novelty of a food truck.  My four year old grandson ran around with a frankfurter and crispy fries excitedly  telling everyone 'You can go and ask the man for anything you want and it's free, you don't have to pay for it'  Such excitement!  Many of our guests also told us they had stopped and had a chat with you, enjoying your company and friendliness.
Karen and Lex Poppelbaum

Corporate Event (300+ guests) 10 Feb 2017
The food was awesome! Very well received :) Thank you and your team so much, the feedback has been wonderful. Cheers Josie Rainer, Communications Manager, Uniservices.

10 April 2016 (birthday party)
What a fantastic celebration we had! My Mum turned 90 and we had 70 guests to cater for.
Searching the internet we stumbled on The “Euro Snack” Food Truck.

Just reading about their food style gave us good reason to send Clem and Laurel an email requesting a talk.
Luckily they had the Sunday clear and agreed to set up in our front yard and cater for Mum’s party. We talked about the numbers and the age of our guests, ranging from 3 years old, all the way up to 90 years young. Clem and Laurel were so supportive and were happy to change their extensive menu, even to add in a Lamb burger, special request from mumJ. The adults loved their Platters, the Kids loved the home made Fries, and everyone raved about the beautiful Euro Burgers. The best thing for me, was I had nothing to do but enjoy this Family occasion, as normally I’m on BBQ duty. Stunning service, so friendly, Clem and Laurel exceeded all expectations. Felt like we had known them for years. They looked after every request , even the littlies coming back four times for more chips!
Thanks so Much Clem and Laurel, we’ll be getting you back for Mum’s 95th for Sure!
Best Regards,

30 April 2016 (wedding reception)
Hi Clem. I didn't get a chance to get out to you guys on Saturday night, but I just wanted to say thank you. I had a lot of people tell me how yummy the belgian fries were
Thanks again
Rach and Shay

2 June 2016 (corporate function)
Hi Clemens,
Thanks again for your effort last week, we have received excellent feedback from many of those that attended the day. Kind Regards Tony Hendrikse, General Manager, Eurogrow Potatoes Limited

August, 2016 (corporate function)
Hi Clem
Thank you for your catering on Friday – we have had great feedback about this, and how professionally it was done as well.
We look forward to having you visit again some time.
Debbie Russ
Business Services and Vehicle Logistics Manager.

27 November, 2016 (corporate function)
Thanks you for the yummy food, the day was a great success :)
Kind regards,
Sam Corbeau

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Belgian Fries

Euro Snacks Fish and Fries
Pan Fried Fish of the day, served with aioli and a slice of lemon. Plus add some red pesto (roasted capsicum and garlic paste), if you like.

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