"Different Strokes"
Lawn Maintenance

Mowing & Upkeep


We offer a reliable and competent lawn mowing service.

- Use new professional equipment.
- Clean wash mowers and line-trimmers before each mow, to prevent spreading of weeds.
- Weekly mows during the warmer months - Fortnightly during the colder months.
- Collect and take away grass clippings
- Blow fallen tree leaves from your lawn
- Trim lawn edges
- Tidy up after us
- Monthly lawn updates

Different Strokes Lawn Mowing

We can assist you and where needed refer you to the right lawn specialist(s) to create your ideal lawn.

Clem's Lawn Mowing

How to create a healthy lawn.

- Mow regularly but not too short
- Get appropriate Irrigation and Drainage
- Fertilise and Improve your soil
- Inspect for and get rid of weeds and pests
- Seeding / Re-seeding / Renovation
- Aerate your lawn
- Dethatching