CB Lawn Mowing

Mowing & Upkeep


We offer a reliable and competent lawn mowing service

- Experienced owner operator and trained staff using professional mowing equipment
- Mowers and line-trimmers cleaned regularly to prevent weeds from spreading
- Grass clippings collected and removed when required
- Leaves gathered and collected from your lawn where needed
- Lawn edges trimmed
- Paved areas cleared of debris
- Monthly lawn condition updates

Different Strokes Lawn Mowing

Clem's Lawn Mowing

How to create a healthy lawn:

- Mow regularly but not too short
- Install appropriate irrigation and drainage
- Fertilise and improve your soil
- Inspect for and get rid of weeds and pests
- Re-seed / renovate lawn seasonally
- Aerate and dethatch lawn

We can refer you to the right lawn specialist(s) to create your ideal lawn

1) Doug Whimp from Lawn Mastery Ltd